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Towel Dispensers

Impact ClearVU Multi Fold Towel Dispenser 3134087 Each
Accommodates C-fold or multi-fold towels. Transparent plastic cover. Plastic front, metal back. Chemical-resistant, durable; key lock.
San Jamar Lever Roll Towel Dispenser, T850TBK 6008500 Each
Compact, economical universal paper towel dispenser holds all types of roll towels with any size core, including coreless and solid.
Georgia Pacific Hygienic Push-Paddle Roll Towel Dispenser, Translucent Smoke GPC 543-38
Push-paddle design allows for forearm or elbow use to reduce hand contact and the risk of cross-contamination.
Palmer Hands Free Roll Dispenser 6162070 Each
Auto-Cut Roll Towel dispenser with a 2" core, Translucent Dark plastic cover and white metal back is universal for most 8" wide towels with adequate wet strength and offers a smooth and quiet delivery of 11" sheet via auto-cut mechanism.
ClearVu Roll Towel Dispenser 3194097 Each
This is Impact's ClearVu Push Bar Roll Towel Dispenser, sturdy, reliable, designed for commercial use, for high volume and long life.
Scott JRT Tissue Dispenser Key 3133520 Each
Molded in rigid black plastic for long lasting durability. A Kimberly Clark design and primarily operates in the JRT Junior, In-Sight and Windows single / twin roll bath tissue dispensers.