Towels & Tissues

Baywest 31600 White Roll Towel 8831609 Case
This towel features a blend of pre- and post-consumer wastepaper which ensures softness and quality.
Tork Advanced Hand Towel Roll 8834540 CASE
White roll towels-- soft, durable, and recycled!
Tork 54900 2 Ply Tissue Paper 8854909 Case
This double-ply tissue is ideal for commercial properties, hotel guest rooms and government facilities that have mandates to be green.
Tork Universal 2 Ply Tissue Paper 8861609 Case
Designed for those customers who prefer recycled tissue that helps create a cleaner environment.
Baywest 31400 Natural White Roll Towel 8831409 Case
Green Seal® 100% recycled 8" controlled roll towels.
Tork Advanced® Controlled Roll Towel 8838090 Case
Tork Advanced controlled roll towels offer the softness and strength needed to elevate your hand-drying experience.
Heavenly Soft 2 ply Tissue 8181229 Case
The standard bath tissue is individually wrapped. Consistently bright, soft and absorbent.
Tork Household Roll Towels 8181099 Case
High-bulk. two-ply construction maximizes absorbency for superior spill holding with fewer towels.
Baywest 31900 White Roll Towel 8831909 Case
Its high capacity is ideal for high-traffic areas, office buildings and hotel lobby restrooms or convention facilities.
Tork Universal Natural Roll Towel 8862140 Case
This roll towel is best suited for healthcare or other applications seeking a small footprint roll towel solution.
Tork Opti-Core 2 Ply Tissue Paper 8861999 Case
This embossed tissue is made with de-inking and bleaching processes free of chlorine and other harmful chemicals
Palmer Hands Free Roll Dispenser 6162070 Each
Auto-Cut Roll Towel dispenser with a 2" core, Translucent Dark plastic cover and white metal back is universal for most 8" wide towels with adequate wet strength and offers a smooth and quiet delivery of 11" sheet via auto-cut mechanism.
Tork Universal 1 ply OptiCore Tissue Paper 8812990 Case
This EcoSoft™ Green Seal® controlled-use tissue is ideal for high traffic areas due to its capacity.
9" 2ply JRT Bath Tissue 8181288 Case
Embossed bath tissue for long-lasting and economical performance. Reduces need for changing compared to standard rolls.
Bounty Roll Towel 8181089 Case
Each two-ply sheet is super absorbent and handles spills fast with 25 percent thicker quilts so one sheet locks in the mess.
GEN 238 2 ply bathroom tissue, individual wrapped 8185010 Case
Economical rolls provide the perfect solution for public restrooms utilizing standard-roll dispensers.
Hard Roll Towels, 8 x 950', 1.75" Core, White 8181012 Case
Reduce maintenance time, run-outs and complaints with this long-lasting roll towel.
ClearVu Roll Towel Dispenser 3194097 Each
This is Impact's ClearVu Push Bar Roll Towel Dispenser, sturdy, reliable, designed for commercial use, for high volume and long life.
Cottonelle Bath Tissue 8181069 Case
This tissue offers the soft, plush quality that you expect at home. Two-ply. White. 506 sheets per roll
Wypall X60, 10/126, #34790 8180347 Case
Brings the absorbing power of HYDROKNIT® technology to a lighter-weight wiper.
Scott JRT Tissue Dispenser Key 3133520 Each
Molded in rigid black plastic for long lasting durability. A Kimberly Clark design and primarily operates in the JRT Junior, In-Sight and Windows single / twin roll bath tissue dispensers.
Spartan Hard Surface Disinfecting Wipes Fresh Scent
Spartan Hard Surface Disinfectant Wipe is a specific quat-based hard surface wipe.
Spartan Hard Surface Disinfecting Wipes Lemon Scent
This lemon scented disinfecting wipe from Spartan is especially designed for hard surfaces; a quat-based cleaner/disinfecting/sanitizing hard surface wipe.
PDI Sani-Cloth® Germicidal Disposable Cloths 8181478 TUB
An industrial strength germicidal disinfectant disposable wipe for the professional, A quaternary/alcohol solution impregnated in a wiping cloth.
Tork Green Seal Centerpull 8860029 Case
EcoSoft™ centerpull towels provide one-towel-at-a-time service.
Kleenex 8184209 Case
Boxes have a SIGNAL® feature that alerts you when it’s time to change the box. Two-ply, white. 8.4" x 8.4" tissues.
Baywest Green Seal 1 ply Toilet Tissue 8814009 Case
Atlas paper products are manufactured from 100% recycled paper fiber and are biodegradable
Jumbo JRT Two-Ply Tissue 8181309 Case
Embossed bath tissue for long-lasting and economical performance. Reduces need for changing compared to standard rolls.
Kleenex Boutique 8184219 Case
Soft, absorbent facial tissue offers ideal tissue performance combined with attractive packaging and easy maintenance.
EcoSoft Universal Roll Towels 45900 case
These roll towels are 100% recycled, exceed EPA guidelines for post-consumer wastepaper content, and are Green Seal™ certified.
Chix Foodservice Blue Towel 8188251 Case
Each towel is thick, absorbent, reusable and utilizes the Microban® antimicrobial product protection.