Floor and Carpet Care

Featured Items
CFR Defoamer - Carpet Cleaning 4130054 GAL
Controls foam created from the removal of chemical residues from previous carpet cleanings. Designed to float in workstation tank to prevent it from being recycled into the cleaning solution and deposited on fiber.
CFR Excell - Carpet Cleaner 4130024 GAL
This product is a Phosphorous-free, concentrated heavy duty cleaner, it removes moderate to heavy soils on synthetic carpets, upholstery, and hard surfaces.
CFR ABT - Carpet Care 4130154 GAL
This is CFR's anti-browning treatment caused by wetting and carpet backing bleed-through. Use this to remove chemical residue and restore carpet to original pH.
CFR All Purpose Spotter - Carpet Cleaner 4130114 GAL
A water/solvent micro-emulsion designed for removal of a variety of spills, which are typically removed only with strong solvents.
CFR Super Solv - Carpet Cleaner 4130084 GAL
This product is designed to aggressively remove oil-soluble soils such as heavy grease, tar, inks, toners, shoe polish, and chewing gum from solvent-resistant surfaces.
CFR Pop-Out - Carpet Cleaner 4130094 GAL
It is designed to aggressively remove water-soluble soils such as soft drinks, coffee,ketchup, red wine, and similar stains.
CFR Enz Out - Carpet Cleaner 4130064 GAL
Enz Out is designed for removal of protein stains such as vomit, blood, and urine. Remove problem stains with ease.
Claire Foaming Rug Cleaner
Releases ground in dirt in rugs, carpets and upholstery including velour.