Battery Scrubbers

Caddy Clean Battery Floor Scrubber 501110 Each
The extremely low weight 4.9 lbs and practical design makes it ideal for cleaning in areas where manual methods presently are used.
Clarke 14" Vantage Battery Autoscrubber 5258020 Each
The Vantage 14’s integrated rotating deck enables complete scrubbing in both forward and backward directions, allowing operators to easily clean under and around obstacles.
Motor Scrubber Pad Holder 5010460 Each
MotorScrubbers medium duty brush scrubber attachment can be used as a Floor Scrubber, Wall Scrubber, Step & Landing Scrubber, Kitchen Scrubber, Restroom Scrubber, and can even be used as a scrubber for Shower Rooms.
Motor Scrubber Stiff Orange Brush 5010390 Each
Use on floors, walls, steps & landings, kitchen surfaces, shower stalls and restroom surfaces. Especially suited for cleaning stainless steel.
Motor Scrubber Medium Red Brush 5010410 Each
Known to be one of MotorScrubbers most popular floor scrubber attachments or power brushes for the Electric Floor Scrubbers. Especially-suited for cleaning Stainless Steel
Motor Scrubber Soft Flagged Tip Brush 5010440 Each
Suitable for surfaces that need a "softer" touch. Perfect for washing windows and vehicles